Day of Chaos

Today I took up the long deferred task of cleaning the downstairs carpets.  I can usually depend on the cats to keep a wide berth but Harrison had different ideas.  He kept showing up in a sunbeam as if magnetically attracted.

The furniture was pushed and piled to the sides to clear the high traffic areas.  This was of great interest to the kittens.  The ottoman with the toy is stacked on top of the sofa.

The kittens are a lot less perturbed by cleaning machines than Gus and Julius were.  Davout keeps the widest distance, but Rhea stays just out of range.  Harrison goes where he wants no matter what howling machine is in use.  A little more respect would be welcome.

An annoying thing is that my cleaner seems to have broken – no soapy water was being spread.  I had to go get my spot cleaner and crawl around on the floor.

Once the noise ends, the piles of furniture in odd places are of great interest to everyone.

Harrison relaxes on a pile of throw carpets.

He decided that this afternoon would be a good time to eat,  polishing off 2 and a half small cans.  In between, he came and napped on my lap a time or three.

He’s been getting more affectionate at night too.  A day last week he wanted to sleep in the bed.  I was a bit concerned about squishing him, although I don’t move when sleeping much if at all.  I put him up near the top on a pillow and he put his cheek on mine and was there all night.  He’s done that a couple of times since but only for a short time.

Rhea discovers the down side of moving stuff for cleaning.

But I can be enticed to move all that stuff to another spot for her.


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2 Responses to Day of Chaos

  1. weggieboy says:

    Odd, isn’t it, that some cats don’t seem perturbed by noisy machines used to clean? My two move out of the way, but without making a scene of it. They don’t seem to mind the racket, either.


  2. Lurkertype says:

    Harrison is a splendid kitty! So glad to see a personality emerge.


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