Bills of Health

Today I drove by the vet’s place and found it open and made a quick appointment for Davout and Harrison.  Davout needed a check on the healing of his dental, and I wanted a check on Harrison too.

Davout’s teeth are fine.

I’ve been a bit concerned about Harrison because of his continued snuffles, and in addition he’s had some soft stools the last few days.  Given his low weight, I figured it was  better to be over-cautious than otherwise.

So the good news is that he doesn’t seem to have a URI to speak of.  And his weight is up to 6.2 pounds.  The papers I have say that he was below 5 pounds when I got him, so he’s filling out some despite not looking it.

The less good news is that his ears were full of gunk and ear mites.  I had to use anti-flea stuff on everyone just in case.  Rhea especially hates it…she runs around and squints and drools like a fountain for about a half hour when it is applied to her back.

The vet cleaned out most of the gunk and Harrison has drops for the rest.

She also looked at his teeth and they are pretty bad and will have to come out, probably next month.  This will get him some recovery time to fatten up.

The vet, like me, wonders if Harrison might be an Exotic, or short-hair Persian cat.  It might be a very complete short cut…but it might not.  Even an Exotic will have a fuller coat than Harrison is sporting right now.

Rhea was happy to see everyone back, once she stopped drooling.

A while later she started making goo-goo eyes at Harrison and rolling about for him.

The cats don’t mind the furniture being all over the place at all.

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4 Responses to Bills of Health

  1. Good for Davout! Poor Harrison, on top of everything else he has to lose teeth too? Rough start for the little guy! But at least he’s gaining weight! Rhea likes the little foster brother, what a sweetie!


  2. pilch92 says:

    I am glad most of your vet news was good aside from the teeth.


  3. Anne Daigle says:

    How old did they estimate Harrison to be? What could he have endured to have so many problems as a young cat?


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