Growing Accustomed…

Everyone is getting used to the current abnormal normal.  The new cat is no longer a continuous fascination but something to watch or dodge around when doing your own thing.

For the kittens, the disarray of the furniture has passed from providing mountains to climb to the new favorite game of providing wide open spaces to charge and pounce on each other.  You can get up quite a bit of speed across the room before pouncing.

The new dose of Feliway has seemed to take some of the edge off of Anna’s grumpiness.  She’s about the same as before now, even when Rhea rushes in and starts a big fracas.

The interaction Rhea is having with Anna seems more and more to be Anna’s fault.  Rhea will walk up to Harrison and get in his face.  When Harrison doesn’t react, she backs off, satisfied.  She hasn’t bullied him or struck any kind of blow first.  In fact, he is sitting on the stairs with me, since my downstairs desk is at the base of the stairs.  Rhea came down and decided to worm between the banister rails rather than squeeze by him or bother him.  She got stuck a little due to the slope of the base, and I had to boost her bottom some to allow her to wiggle the rest of the way through.

With Anna she peers in and gets hissed at, then she escalates to charging in and stopping short which results in more bad manners from Anna.


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5 Responses to Growing Accustomed…

  1. your kitties are beautiful ^_^


  2. Aw Anna, come on, you can get used to cheeky kittens! Just ignore the little spitfire and it will work itself out! Fingers crossed!


  3. Lurkertype says:

    My girl has the same problem as Anna. But we can’t convince her to ignore the brat when he’s being bratty.

    Glad to hear Harrison is showing interest in his surroundings.

    (I got the Mr. Gus header this time. Still love that profile.)


  4. You have some PURRecious kitties there!😺


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