A Garden Expedition

Davout finally managed to get me to let him outside.  I’ve not wanted to open things up with the cool days  and Harrison so sick.  Well, it has warmed up and Harrison is better.  He was gobbling down his third half can when I opened the door for the kittens.

One of the honeysuckle plants had some blooms.  Somehow I managed to get one that has no scent at all.

Rhea has been known to jump the wall, so I was alert at first.  They were good, sitting on the patio.

Davout moved down the path for a mouthful of grass.

Soon Harrison found the open door and came out, too!

He still gets a little messy at dinner – and then the fountain downstairs tends to spill over the top of his head to wet his forehead.  He drinks anyway like a good fellow.

Rhea did go to the corner where she does climb the wall, but stayed on the edging and posed for photos.

Sister Golden Eyes.

As sunset nears, the temperature here drops fast due to the altitude.  I herded everyone back to the patio, but they evaded the door for a moment and circled out again.

Harrison joined the parade for a moment, but eventually I got everyone back inside.

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3 Responses to A Garden Expedition

  1. Lurkertype says:

    Harrison outside! Yay! He’s looking so much more alert.

    Those kittens remain ridiculously fluffy.


  2. Harrison is looking better! His eyes are brighter. Your photos never cease to amaze me–of course your subjects are beautiful!


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