The Trouble with Fluffy Feet

Davout’s pleading resulted in me opening up and letting him out despite the cool overcast day and the lateness of the hour.  The pictures took a bit of massaging to cover for the flatness of the light.

Rhea has been good the last few times outside, not trying to jump the wall.

After a little while Davout decided to head back in, and Rhea took the opportunity to stalk him…

This is the kind of thing that drives Anna nuts.

A while later I tried loading a ‘cat app’ on my new tablet.  They all were interested in the moving bugs and thing, even Harrison a little.  Rhea was a bit too clever – she could see that the front panel was glass and the bugs were behind it, so she tended to dig under the borders for them rather than swat at them.

But when she did play correctly, she had the same issue Davout is having…the hair on the bottom of the feet tends to interfere with the touch screen.  He did get better with time, I could hear the squish sound more often as he got some practice digging at the screen.

But all the cats seemed to enjoy just watching the show.

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1 Response to The Trouble with Fluffy Feet

  1. Lurkertype says:

    The first time we loaded up that cat game, the tortie got the idea and played with it at once, while the tuxie gazed over her shoulder in a combo of fear and fascination. Like Rhea, tortie soon realized that they were under the glass and you couldn’t actually kill them. So she wandered off, and (emboldened) tuxie began playing.

    Tux boy will still sometimes play with it, but tortie looks at it in disdain.

    Tortie only has slightly fluffy feet, and tux is short-haired, so the contact wasn’t a problem. I bet it looks even cuter with foot floof, though!


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