On Top of Things

Harrison had a little setback yesterday, throwing some food up during the day and not feeling like eating in the evening either.  His appetite returned, and after finishing his plate he went over to the kitten’s serving and ate some of that too.  They never take any of his food.  I like how he stands on the plate, like a little kitten.

Later it was time for some play, and you can always count on Rhea. She had been thundering up and down the stairs with Devout a little bit before, and he was content to sit far back and watch.  After some play, I hung the toy over the top of the tall scratching post, with the lure on one side and the stick hanging down the other.

This time Rhea didn’t just play with it, but rather seemed determined to get the toy down. The first attempt was to get up on top of the post.  You can see the thread by her front feet.

The stick was juuuust out of reach below!

A small adjustment got the reach needed to nip the stick in her front teeth…

This seemed like a dead end after a minute or so.

She jumped down and considered it again for a few minutes.  Her second try was from the bottom on the other side, and pushed it about half way to the front side.  The third try pushed it back to the center again…


It only took one more try for her to solve it, pushing the lure end and lifting  it aside so the entire thing fell back.  She looked pretty smug as she sat right by her trophy.


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4 Responses to On Top of Things

  1. Sorry Harrison is feeling sick – he’s so adorable standing in that dish! 😺 Rhea is her usual royal self – so lovely!💚

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  2. Rhea is one smart little cookie! What a thinker she is! Hope Harrison snaps back fast and fills out soon!


  3. How cute to see Harrison standing on his plate. What has he been sick with? Rhea, gotta love that face!


    • Oldcat says:

      He’s had a respiratory infection, but these later ills seem food related more than anything. He wants to eat tons and it disagrees with him.


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