Day After

Harrison was pretty tired today.  First he came and slept on my lap, then went over and played a bit with the toy he’s sitting next to.  The kittens were very interested in watching him.

It is fun to watch Davout just sitting and thinking about things.  You can see his thoughts roll about his noggin, with ears twitching forward and back in time with them.

Rhea came down from a perch to be in the middle of things, and to help press the clothes.

Partway through poor Harrison crashed pretty hard.  He did eventually roll over and sit normally.

Rhea also managed a bit of pestering of Anna earlier on.  Anna only went nuts a little.

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5 Responses to Day After

  1. Rhea looks like she’s taking her job very seriously!

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  2. kimkiminy says:

    I bet simple things like jumping onto laps and playing with strings like a normal cat just tuckers him right out. It’s great that he has any extra energy to spare.

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  3. Lurkertype says:

    I like that Harrison is working so hard to have a proper cat personality even though he’s so easily exhausted.

    I wonder what Davout thinks about? Do the thoughts travel back in forth in his mind, which causes the ears to move the same? Or are they crazy and come out his whiskers?


  4. sunsetdragon says:

    Rhea is still the boldest I see. Devout seems so calm and Anna still claiming her territory. I love Harrisons face and that is a good name for this sweet faced little boy.


  5. quirkyartist says:

    Harrison is having a busy time. He has a new Dad, and new siblings. It’s been a momentous time for a little cat who isn’t too well.


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