Strange Night

It has finally gotten warm enough that the night air isn’t too cold.  So the windows are open.  A while ago someone started setting off some firecrackers out there.  Rhea went to the window to try and see, and after a pause Davout went up after her to see too.

I don’t think they got any more information, but it is better than hiding out.  I’m not sure of the occasion…high school graduation, maybe?

Harrison still is improving.  He’s making almost no snuffle or wheezing or sneezing.  He’s eating well and hasn’t thrown up anything.  His poo is solidifying some too.

As you saw in the first picture, Rhea is much improved too.  There’s still a little bit of swelling and redness in the eye, but it is almost all better.

I have been having to haunt the fancy pet stores for cat food for Harrison and have been compelled to pick up some of these veggie-themed dog toys.  The squeak if squished.  Davout is a little disturbed by this ear of corn fellow.  He has a suspicious look.

Davout likes the window table.



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2 Responses to Strange Night

  1. Lurkertype says:

    I have some fancy pet foods that my cats have rejected. Tell Harrison I’d give them to him if I could, but I don’t expect he’d mind me giving them to the local pound.

    Miss Rhea’s all pretty again! Do these kind of cats have more eye problems because of their squooshed faces?

    There’s firecrackers here too for the past week or two. I don’t know if it’s graduation, or they think it’s July instead of June.

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    • Oldcat says:

      Often they do, especially with the tear ducts spilling down the nose. These kittens had some infections early that were not related to that. They might be a little more prone to being poked, but l have seen that with all cats.


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