Mysteries Explained!

Chitter Bug Explained!

Putting the last thing first, I found out the secret of why Rhea is chittering.  But I will save it for later.

Pillow Perch

Harrison had an opposite day – he wasn’t interested in any food in the morning. He was sleeping on this round pillow instead.  I’m starting to think that he’s just on a cycle.  He did spit up a little in the morning too, but not a lot.


I’ll tell Davout what the secret to the chittering is….

Davout Window Seat

…he’s pretty shocked!

Harrison Again

It is the first weekend day in a long time where I there hasn’t been much of an reason not to go hiking.  I decided to try a fairly easy trail, that had shade on the way back.  I tried a little side trail that went up and up in the sun.  So nice views, but a little bit of overdoing things on my part, which is typical.

When I came back, Harrison was hungry again and had a nice dinner and played with the feather toy quite a bit.

Fan of the Fan

And now, the chittering explanation.  When I was eating dinner and Rhea was lying down by the fan, she started chittering again.  I noticed that she would do it whenever  I would cough.  I spent a fun time cough-chitter, talk-no chitter, cough-chitter.

WHY she chitters when  I cough, I have no idea.


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3 Responses to Mysteries Explained!

  1. Lurkertype says:

    I can’t think why she would make the “bird!” sound at a cough. Maybe she’s using it as a generic “this irritates me” noise.


  2. Jo Woolf says:

    Love the last pic of Rhea! What a cutie. Perhaps she’s just being concerned, and acting like your Mama!


  3. sunsetdragon says:

    Pretty Miss Rhea. Davout is a handsome fella and Harrison has captured my heart.
    He always looks so tired and is that because he is ill or is that just the look of the breed.


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