Yards and Gates

Harrison sneezing yesterday.  He really blows out some large boogers. Never seen anything like it.  I keep trying to see progress with his congestion and then he reverts.  I swear I was thinking that at least he was only puking up a little every so often these days and when I got home he’d thrown up a lot.

At least it doesn’t seem to halt his overall weight gain.  He seems heavy at times now, and the ribs and bones are getting a layer of flesh over them.

After the sneeze he sat and communed with nature while the kittens prowled the borders of the yard.

He’s pretty spry when he does decide to move out.

My latest effort in trying to break down the barriers between Anna and the other cats was to get a pet gate to fit in the door so that Anna might see them separated but still visible.  I tried it out and Rhea was frantic to get through the bars into Anna’s room.  She actually managed by turning her head to the side and squeezing through between the bars.  There’s a little cat sized door on the bottom which is cute.

Anna was pretty grumpy about it, but at least she could see that (mostly) this was acting like a barrier.  She has actually walked out of the room a time or so in the last week, but not for long.

Davout sleeping under the tree.


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4 Responses to Yards and Gates

  1. Lurkertype says:

    Harrison looks MUCH less skinny. Good boy. You might be stuck with the snot and the barf for quite a while though, I’m sure his system is all out of whack. How loud are his sneezes?

    Can you put some wire or screen or something across the bars so Rhea can’t squish herself through? She must have looked like extruded Play-Doh. I swear, cats are mostly liquid.


    • Oldcat says:

      Soon after that lollipop head managed to squeeze thru. I wasn’t watching so I’m not sure how
      His sneezes aren’t so l so loud, but he sometimes coughs and that sounds like an angry duck.

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  2. sunsetdragon says:

    Harrison does look chubbier and Rhea is, as always, such a pretty girl.


  3. Seeing Harrison up next to the other little kittens makes him look so tiny! Glad he’s filling out though!


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