Escapes and Imprisonments

Time to finish up the photos of the outside adventure on Monday.  Rhea was getting all worked up to charge at Davout in the corner of the yard….

But he ran off too soon!

I was just saying that day how good she was about not climbing the tree and getting out when she climbed the tree and got out.  Here she is on the wall by the pool area next door.

At least she’s smart enough these days not to jump or fall down the outside.

And inside, it is day 2 of the fence barring the way into Anna’s room.  So far she hasn’t seemed to gain much relaxation about invading cats.  On the other hand, 2 cats got past it on the first day.

Eventually the kittens showed up.

Here’s the offending fence.  Rhea didn’t make any attempts to break it.  Apparently knowing it could be done was good enough.  It is a bit taller than the door knob, which has so far discouraged jumping over, even from the shelves nearby.

Harrison came up to the fence and looked like he wanted through, so I let him in.  Anna was pretty relaxed with him in there, only making a little noise when he jumped up to this point.  He was satisfied with a little more visiting, and I let him back out through the gate.

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5 Responses to Escapes and Imprisonments

  1. quirkyartist says:

    Maybe Anna and Harrison will become a team.

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  2. sunsetdragon says:

    Harrison doesn”t appear to be short legged like Rhea and Davout.

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    • Oldcat says:

      He doesn’t have the large thick legs of a Persian like Anna does, but then Rhea does not either. He stands very high, but I am not sure if he always will or if he does that because of his weakness and lack of muscle. He used to keep his back arched when he walked but this has decreased over the time he has been here and his spine seems flatter most of the time. The lack of fluff also makes his legs look longer too.

      Neither kitten has the traditional cobby Perisan body and leg setup, being more like a regular cat.


  3. We haven’t visited in a while (Mom Paula has had lots of issues). Who is Harrison?


    • Oldcat says:

      He is an emergency foster I took in in Early May. He was very ill and below 5 pounds and the shelter was an partially open air facility with one minder, so she asked me to take him on. He’s doing better and gained some weight and he will be staying on for good, as he gets on well with the gang.


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