Good Fences…

Anna and the Door

The cat gate is working well so far.  I open up the door when I am home and awake and Anna gets better air movement and more exposure to the noise of the house.  Unlike before when the door was open, she doesn’t always retreat to a safe cubby but can sometimes be seen on the window sill shelf or here on the sofa.  She does like to sleep in those cubbys in the afternoons, open door or closed door.

She’s still a bit twitchy, hissing down the hall at nothing.  On the other hand, the cats outside have been leaving the gated door alone when I am not there, and there hasn’t been any tries to break through or jump over since the first day.

There was some odd noises coming in from the window which didn’t help Anna.

Davout at the Door

Davout has always treated the door with a bit of reverence.  It is a little stronger now, but he has come through the gate a time or two.


Rhea keeps her dignity at all times.

Davout and Harrison

Some other shots from yesterday.  Each kitten went up towards Harrison to check him out. Davout was a bit more distant than Rhea, who went nose to nose until Harrison sneezed.

Harrison Squinty Eyes

Harrison likes the outside.


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3 Responses to Good Fences…

  1. Oh my gosh, Rhea’s belly fluff! How can you resist?? I sure wouldn’t be able to!

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  2. weggieboy says:

    Ha! Ha! Love Rhea’s belly-up attitude! And Harrison continues to look a lot healthier. I am so glad you decided to adopt him. He needed someone like you for a good life, I think. I’m happy Anna continues to make slow progress. I still hope the day comes that she walks out of the safety of her little world and joins the kittens. Maybe Harrison will be the catalyst.


  3. Lurkertype says:

    So tempting to go nose-first into Rhea’s tummy. But that way lies madness and pointy bits. I hope she doesn’t hold Harrison’s sneeze against him, he didn’t mean it!


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