Toy Time

I brought out Da Bird to play with….Rhea was game…

Davout was too cautious as usual, but watched from the back.

Harrison made a few tries for it, but was a little slow.  Balls on the floor are a little easier for him right now.

He was following me about this morning, which included going into Anna’s room.  The first time she was in her cubby and he poked his head in.  She raised a paw and hissed and he backed up a smidge, but otherwise didn’t react.  Then he went and ate her leftover wet food from the night before.

Later, after  I had put in some new food that she didn’t touch he went in after me and made a bee-line for this plate and ate it all.  Anna was a little growly but too bad.

Rhea pins it too the post….

Waiting to pounce…..


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5 Responses to Toy Time

  1. Did the cat pounce?
    : )


  2. Rhea is your wild child!
    I love it that Harrison is diving into food everywhere, he still looks like he needs filling out! And so happy he tries to play! Such a cutie!


  3. Lurkertype says:

    I think Harrison is so happy to be alive and in a safe place and getting all the food he wants, that a hissy-growly Anna is just so small a hassle on his scale of things.

    Rhea’s concentration face is beautiful.


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