Last night near bedtime Anna made some moves to want to walk out of her room, so I let her go.  She explored down the hall and into the bathtub and around for a few minutes. Eventually, though Rhea came along to investigate.  Anna hissed and retreated to her sanctum and I closed the gate behind her, and I moved Rhea off but soon afterwards when I was busy she went and slid through the bars and drove Anna back into her closet high spot.

Anna wasn’t too upset, but her usual combination of hissing and retreating continues to not work well with Rhea.

In this picture she is looking at Harrison asleep.

Harrison was pretty tired today and slept on my lap for a while, then down here.  When Rhea got real close he looked up in her face and yawned at her.

I got her to come closer by rolling the trackball around.  But almost anything will eventually get her coming around to watch.

I forgot to put up the wand toy from last night and woke this morning to find it upstairs by the bed.  I did put it out of reach then!  But so far my cats can be trusted not to go too far in playing with toys.  Here’s the camera strap which is always good for some action, if not something you can get a good photo of.

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4 Responses to Fracas

  1. sunsetdragon says:

    Rhea is such a beauty and hope Harrison is feeling better.


  2. quirkyartist says:

    Every day, Cossie Foo and I come to see how Harrison is doing. We are in the middle of winter and sitting over the heater.


  3. Lurkertype says:

    Pesky little Rhea! I thought she was playing with a penny in the last one. “Here’s a munney. Give meh toonas.”

    Harrison just doesn’t have the energy to be upset. Hope he stays a lap cat.


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