A Little Garden Work

After a late start I went out to continue cleaning up the back yard after the A/C install, not to mention some years of letting it slide.  This angle is the last part of this border that is partly blocked from being a cat highway.  The sticks are a lantana bush that somehow avoids growing more than a few leaves, but grows spindly sticks all over the place.  The other offender is more of the invasive English Ivy, which has as a bonus factor that it is somewhat toxic.  Luckily none of these cats seem to be leaf nibblers.

Davout was interested more than scared.

The kittens helped out by pouncing on stems and vines as I pulled them in and stuffed them in the basket.

Then the thing  I was afraid of happened – the A/C compressor kicked on.  They were startled, but just watched rather than panicked.  Rhea is right in the newly cleared area from the first photo, with me facing the other way.

She got closer and closer, even though it was noisy and blowing her fur the wrong way.  Davout is watching from behind, hunkered down partly behind a mulch bag but hanging in there.

Davout looking smart after his outdoor adventures.

Harrison had me all worried this afternoon because he found a new hiding or sleeping spot – probably in the garage – and was there all afternoon.  I did a couple of rounds looking in cabinets and other spots but found nothing.  He was too sleepy to go out aside from the very end today, and then went right back to sleep after that.


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4 Responses to A Little Garden Work

  1. Lurkertype says:

    Davout is just a series of circles in these photos!

    Maybe Harrison likes the warmer climate of the garage. Or maybe he just wants a change of scenery for his extended naps.


  2. sunsetdragon says:

    Love the look in Davouts eyes. I hope Harrison is ok.


  3. I hope Harrison will keep getting better – I love hearing about your kitties’ adventures! 😺


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