Gardening Continued

Mid to Late Afternoon is a good time to go outside, even on a day that isn’t too hot.  Even the long haired cats come outside.  I spent a lot of time prying dead ivy stems off the wall, a few inches at a time.

The kittens look like one of the gangs from West Side Story starting one of the songs.

Harrison has sat outside, and run around outside, but this flop is something new.  He did get up after a bit, and did some exploring behind bushes and things.

He got a bunch of spider webs and stuff on his whiskers from poking around.

Davout side chomping a grass clump I’ve not eradicated.

Poor Davout…about a second after this picture the unit behind him kicked on and startled all of us but especially him.  He bolted and ran all the way inside, and I decided to bring everyone in too.

Rhea giving the A/C unit the stink eye.  She might have gone and looked closer, but allowed me to herd her inside instead.


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7 Responses to Gardening Continued

  1. sunsetdragon says:

    The kittens look like they are ready to get out there and play. Devout looks like he hears something ump there.
    Is Harrison doing better or is it he just does not have a lot of stamina.
    Look at that sweet Harrison face. Such a sweet old man.
    Davout has the most beautiful blue eyes, and Miss Rhea is such a little beauty.
    Does Anna ever go out?


  2. Oldcat says:

    I took Anna out once some months back. Her issues with Rhea make it hard.

    Harrison is a lot better than he was in May, when he only moved for food and litterbox. He is still a little sick and undermuscled.


  3. Hopefully soon the kittens will ignore that air conditioner compressor and not go running when it goes off! I’m sure it’ll take some getting used to. Love that Harrison is poking around enough to get dirty!


  4. Lurkertype says:

    I wonder if you could turn off the A/C when you’re outside so it doesn’t come on and scare the kitties?

    Mr. Harrison’s fur hasn’t grown, it seems. Do we think he’s going to be a shorthair, or is it all going to muscle and fat? It’s good he has curiosity; the spirit is willing even if the flesh is weak.


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