More from the Weekend

Some random bits from yesterday.  Davout hanging out on the rocks looking toward the patio.

Rhea looks a little nonplussed.  I saw her poking around a lot here and looked in and saw a lizard pinned down in the bottom there.  When she moved away I managed to get hold of the little fellow and let him go outside the yard.

I told Rhea that that still counts as a kill, but she did keep looking around the area for a lizard.

Davout hanging out on the brick border, in the same spot Calla used to favor.

They both went poking into the far back, then Davout left and started investigating the A/C unit.  Rhea looks to be having bad thoughts.

But she jumped out and turned away instead.  Good Girl!

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4 Responses to More from the Weekend

  1. pilch92 says:

    Your kitties are so photogenic 🙂


  2. sunsetdragon says:

    such pretty kittens. how is harrison?


  3. Such PURRecious kitties!😺


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