Heat of the Day

I did a bit more cleanup of the backyard in the brightest part of the afternoon.  The A/C was not running, but Davout was just as cautious as if it was.  Only Rhea came out, as Harrison had eaten a few good meals and thrown up again, so he was sleeping the day away.

This corner of the yard has shade at this time of day so Rhea stayed there.

The camera seems to do alright in this light, but the Picasa software tends to mess it up when it tries to balance things.  Well, you can undo that.

No, don’t put your white nose in the sun!  BAD KITTY!

A bit later there was a little cooling breeze, which was blowing Rhea’s fur the wrong way.

There’s no shots of the work here, as it was all along the far part of the yard.  As I cut back and pick up litter, I keep finding more and more rocks I laid down years and years ago!

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3 Responses to Heat of the Day

  1. sunsetdragon says:

    Keeping up a yard is a ton of work and Rhea looks like she is supervising well.


  2. Such a beautiful little girl!😺


  3. Faith says:

    So pretty !! Can’t wait to see more photos of all your fur babies


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