Outside, Inside

Rhea had a very active morning alone and with Davout.  She was playing with balls, knocking them about, chasing imaginary things and teasing Davout into chasing her up and down the stairs.

I let everyone out but since I was doing some garden stuff Davout and even Rhea hung back by the patio.

I had run out of the wood mulch I had used around the yard and got a new bag from another store.  They had a sample of the bark inside, which looked similar, but when I got the bag the chunks were much larger.

Much of it worked to fill in the areas left bare when the A/C was installed and the bushes cut away.

This was in the warmer part of the day, although it wasn’t too hot, so Rhea tended to camp out in shady spots, chasing bugs or leaf rustles that she thought might be a bug.

Harrison made an appearance, if a bit late because he was tired.  He’s still feeling a bit off, but at least hungry all day.  He came out and stood on Rhea’s rock after she moved on, and then decided to go in.  He came right up behind Rhea while she was looking in another direction and stood there looking at her.  She turned and started a bit, then took some steps to the side to give him a path to go by.

I went up and had a nice play session with Anna.  She’s happy to see me when I come in and is relaxed.

She’s still has quirks about when and how to be petted, and play bites a little hard, but gives you some licks in apology if it hurts.

The sad part is that as time goes on she starts to expect other cats to come and gets more and more agitated about it.  She will stand up and look to the door, even though usually nobody is there.  The longer I spend in there, the more twitchy she gets about these mostly imaginary cats.

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3 Responses to Outside, Inside

  1. Awwww / she doesn’t like sharing her mommy!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lurkertype says:

    Harrison is so polite. I wish he could give Anna some of his zen.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Delaney says:

    The kittens are always fun to see and I love watching Harrison getting better. It was good to see Anna as well; I had been missing her. I wish she could fully relax. Davout and Harrison seem to be polite gentlecats, but Rhea has to push. Maybe she’ll mellow herself when she gets a bit older and give Anna a break.


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