Upsides and Downsides

Today was a good day for some front yard exposure.  It might have been almost a year since I’ve let the kittens out front.  Or more.  They have had a little bit exposure but not much.

Oddly Davout was the first one out.

Rhea soon passed him, then he caught up here.  This is a standard stopping point as it is the first place a cat can get a look down the street around the corner of the house.

Rhea has already gone on the grass but Davout is not so sure.  This is another good place for a cat as there is a slight rise in front that they can see over but they are still mostly under cover.

Rhea is a little more fearless than her brother.

I always like seeing cats on this little path.

Right after this Harrison came out and calmly walked right past Davout onto the driveway.

Harrison leading made Davout a little bolder and he followed.  A good example!

I have been thinking about using this trait with Anna.  Harrison’s fearlessness and calm together might get Anna out of her cycle of confronting Rhea and then getting driven into a corner by her.  He came in the door in the morning and I put him right in the middle where she could see him and shut the door to keep Rhea from intervening.

It worked pretty well.  He sat there ignoring her first hisses from the window, then started eating her dry food.  She ran down after a while.  I moved Anna to the back of the sofa and Harrison and she started up with the hissing, and again lost much of her agitation  even when Harrison was on the sofa too, but on the far side.  After a few minutes Anna decided to move back to the window seat, but walked instead of running and hiding.  And Harrison got some extra food out of it all.


But fearlessness has a downside, as Harrison decided he now wanted to run, so he ran right down the driveway and out into the street.  He’s getting quick, too.  I brought him back, and he did another run laterally across the alleyway in front of the pool almost to the neighbor’s house.

Sorry, no pictures as I was cat wrangling.  Luckily the kittens were watching Harrison more than emulating him.

This was getting out of hand, so I found Rhea’s kitten harness and put it on him.  He might have been getting tired anyway, but he didn’t take off and soon decided to head inside and get a drink of water.

Then Rhea went a little zany and started running fast up and down the path to the door, although like a good kitty she ran to the right to the neighbor’s side of the driveway, and then back to the door, then out the path to the left to the gate to the pool.  She looks very cute running like a maniac, but it was best to shoo everyone back inside with Harrison for the day.

Next time I think I will have to put the harness on Harrison to start with.

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7 Responses to Upsides and Downsides

  1. Jo Woolf says:

    Goodness! You have got your hands full! But lovely to hear that Harrison is now finding his energy.


  2. pilch92 says:

    I just love looking at photos of these adorable kitties.


  3. Harrison sounds like a pawful!


  4. Harrison looks adorable with his harness on! 😺


  5. Lurkertype says:

    “A brace of kittens!” was my thought about the second picture.

    I wish there was video of a galloping Rhea, with her short legs and fur waving in the breeze.

    Mr. Harrison, the leader! Sounds like he does need that harness. Luckily he looks cute in it. I’m glad he may be able to help Anna as her kitty therapist.


  6. Kitty wrangling. Only in your imagination! MOL


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