Close Encounters

Harrison Swipes the Chair

After posting the post last night I there was a notable event.  Anna was in her little cubby and I let Harrison come in too for a little desensitization.  He went right to her wet-food plate which is about a foot and a half from the cubby.  No problem, he tucked right in.

Now Anna isn’t very possessive about food, but still he was way inside her comfort radius. But her little cubby has a narrow opening in the space between the sofa and a bookshelf, so she couldn’t easily go out to confront him or even see him.  You could see her trying to figure out a way to get out without passing him.  Finally she saw that she could jump straight up onto the sofa from the cubby and did so, then got onto the back and looked down on him and did some vigorous hissing, but only for a little bit.

Eventually she went to her shelf by the window, and Harrison came close again and drank from her fountain and sat with me while she glared, then calmed down mostly.

Rhea's Day Off

The next morning it was Rhea’s turn.  She came in while I was cleaning in there, and rather than let her do her creepy stalking I set Rhea on the sofa about a yard away.  Anna wasn’t more than grumpy over it, and as Rhea walked around acting cute Anna tolerated it fairly well.

I broke it off before Rhea pressed herself too close and generated a spat.

Handsome Davout

Aside from showing up outside the door Davout hasn’t had much of a role so far.  He’s as nice as Harrison, if not nicer, but Anna’s hissing upsets him so he’s not as good confronting her.  Also, he’s hard to catch.

So with all the potential drama last night and this morning, tonight has been slow.  Harrison has been tired, although his other symptoms are better.  He did throw up a little puddle of nothing much

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6 Responses to Close Encounters

  1. What a good boy Harrison is! Come on, Anna, they’re just little kittens, they wont bother you! (well, maybe Rhea will, but it’s all in good fun!)
    Love that picture of Davout, he looks so disgruntled!


  2. weggieboy says:

    I get a kick out of Rhea and her “bed”! Cats never cease to amaze in the really uncomfortable things they chose to perch and sleep on.


    • Oldcat says:

      I have a tree-stump cat tree upstairs where he whole top is bumps and slots and all the cats seem to like it fine. Maybe when you weigh 10 pounds instead of 200 pressure points mean a lot less.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. quirkyartist says:

    Davout reminds me of my himalayans. They were all a bit shy. Harrison is a little hero. Miss Rhea….she’s a character! I hope Harrison is able to allow Anna to integrate.


  4. Lurkertype says:

    Go, Harrison! He’s a diplomat and a therapist.

    I’d like to see a video of him eating… that undershot jaw must make for some amusing mechanics.


  5. sunsetdragon says:

    Even Anna can not resist that sweet Harrison face. Sweet photo Miss Rhea in her egg cartoon crate. Ali loves to sharpen her claws on hers.
    Davout is such a good boy.


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