A Dose of Therapy

Lurkertype asked in a comment to the last post what Harrison looks like eating.  He looks like a steam shovel since he comes right down over the top and chomps out a big bite with the jaws coming in from the sides.  It gets a bit messy.

But, regardless, I decided it would be a good time for a long Harrison/Anna meeting with the door closed to avoid kitten distractions.  I started with Harrison on the red sofa.

Wait, isn’t the patient supposed to be on the couch?

Anna was on the shelf by the window and gave him quite a look but no growls or hisses.  Harrison was snorting like a pig each breath which oddly seemed to help.

After a while she lost even that intent look.

Anna likes a little brushing on the sides.  When I do it she stands up and rubs her cheek on the window frame.

So she’s now ignoring Harrison like he’s ignoring her.

Things got a little tense when Harrison jumped down and came closer.  He got a few hisses and growls.

And he got a few drinks from Anna’s fountain.

I’ll defend Anna some for this – Rhea goes to this same area from time to time and jumps up to drive her nuts.

But the tenseness drained away bit by bit and finally she was in a flat puddle on the surface of the shelf, not even watching Harrison.

And Harrison took a nap of his own.

So, fellows, you might try these rules on a difficult date!

  1. Ignore the lady entirely.
  2. Snort like a pig for the first 10 minutes
  3. Eat from her plate and drink from her drink.
  4. Fall asleep.

Apparently they just can’t resist this charm!

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3 Responses to A Dose of Therapy

  1. weggieboy says:

    Perhaps Harrison is the wise, old gentlecat Anna needed to learn how to get along with her fellow cats! I hope so.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lurkertype says:

    Maybe it only works with the crazy ladies.

    I’m picturing Harrison eating, but I still want to see it sometime.


  3. sunsetdragon says:

    Now that Harrison is charmer and has Anna totally fooled. Anna is so pretty and sure has grown into a love bug.
    Love that old mans face-you are a heart stealer Harrison.


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