Knotty Problem

Davout is Mad

Yesterday I got hold of Davout and felt some dreaded mats on his side.  Quite a few.

I tried combing some of them out, but didn’t get them all.  He was really mad, for him at least and even meowed sharply and hissed at me a time or two.

Rhea is Concerned

Rhea, like a good sister, kept popping up nearby to see what was making him upset.

Look Up Rhea

Rhea had a similar issue a little while ago and still has a few gaps on her hips.  Davout might be worse.

Sad Davout

He isn’t looking forward to this, that’s for sure

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4 Responses to Knotty Problem

  1. sunsetdragon says:

    Oh man you have a job ahead of you. I have to trim Alis spits every month or they get soaking wet when she drinks from her fountain and drips all over.

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  2. greg1948 says:

    Long hair and mats go together like a horse and carriage. Think I may be able to turn this into a song. You got to get them before they get too far along, or else you must then get professional help removing them. Been there, done that.


  3. Poor baby! My human has a book “Pet Cures”- it says you can shake baby powder on matted fur and rub it in and the mat will come out! 😺


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