Windows 10 Install

I tend not to get a whole lot done on Saturday anyway, but when you add in that my free Windows 10 light went off on my new portable at about noon…the day drags to a halt.  I also did a bit of laundry and opened up the door into the garage and Harrison repeated his vanishing for much of the day, probably out there.

There weren’t any notable issues with the install, although an app or so didn’t work right with it.  But at least that abortion of a front screen is gone and you actually have multiple apps visible on screen at once.  Windows 8 even for fun was just painful, at least 10 has a chance to be useful.

So after the install I plugged my camera into it to take a new step towards using it for this blog…and Picasa jammed downloading pictures. Apparently something on that particular memory card crashes the loading of pictures after 2271 images.  On another stick I got 5000+ images loaded without error, so it just seems to be that device.  I’ll just get some more tomorrow and retire this one.

I did manage to corral Davout and hack a mess of knots out of his side….he wasn’t happy about that.

I managed to grab Davout again after that and there’s a few knots more.  I also put his head down near Harrison’s for a minute and Harrison actually started licking his head.  Davout hissed at that, which isn’t all that surprising.

So maybe now I can finish the switchover to using this new portable for blogging.



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5 Responses to Windows 10 Install

  1. I’ve heard that the windows ten install has been preventing people from loading pictures. I think they were on blogger though, so maybe you wont have that issue. Then again, that could have been your picasa issue?
    We just had a lot of knotty problems here with two kitties, Leo and Glitter. I could get ones out of Glitter’s chest, but not her belly without her freaking, but Leo doesn’t want me to mess with any of his. So off to the groomers they went. I found more on Leo a few days after the groomer, argh, so he had to let me trim some.
    Is Davout the only one of yours that mats? Or just the only one who fights? Not a fun task, is it? I’m always afraid I will cut them. Thank goodness they’re good for the groomer! lol


  2. Lurkertype says:

    Rhea is just too floofy. By which I mean, adorable.

    Harrison is such a lovebug!


  3. How FURUSTRATING! Flippin computers! 😾 (I love Rhea’s lovely paws )!💙


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