More From Yesterday’s Outing

Harrison likes his adventures, but still runs down quickly.  He soon went inside, dragging his lead behind him.  Almost on cue, Rhea decided to get feisty herself.  Last time we were out front she did some sprinting from one end of the front area to the other – but never going out into the street or anyplace I don’t like.

This time there was a new twist as she made a tremendous jump – I’m shocked I got it, even a little! – onto the big tree’s trunk.

She made it pretty high and then she made a certain discovery about the bark on a Sycamore Tree.  It is easy to cling to, but it doesn’t hold onto the tree very well.  Not even enough to hold up a little kitty.

I love the look on her face!

But she had enough warning to turn around and make a controlled landing.  And then she was off on some more thunder runs.

Davout pitched in a little – he did some chasing of Rhea as she ran around, and one time did a run on his own down the front path onto my driveway.  He didn’t go much farther.

I haven’t had much success with lawns in the back, but lucky for me the block maintains this one just for us.

Davout sometimes is contrary and sits on the dirt.


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4 Responses to More From Yesterday’s Outing

  1. ALL of your cats are so beautiful. ❤


  2. Lurkertype says:

    That is a PERFECT expression on Rhea.


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