Combat Continues

There may be many toys around, but the one toy that every cat I have known goes for without exception is the camera strap.

In between the fights, there’s time for a fancy portrait.

Or two…

Some joker always has to spoil things.

To answer the comments over the last few days, Harrison is looking and doing well.  He has settled down somewhat with his throwing up and loose stool symptoms.  He has a pattern of taking a meal off every so often usually after having gotten a lot of extra food the day before.  Sometimes he is sick that day, others he sleeps a little more.  I probably need to worry less about it and just take it as it is.  So far not much I have done has changed things.

I like Rhea’s intense looks…except when directed at Anna.  But even then Rhea seems to wait until Anna hisses at her first before charging in for a slappy fight.

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