Short Leash

Davout’s caution about the A/C unit seems to be increasing.  Today he wouldn’t step out onto the patio.  Of course, I didn’t either.

Even Rhea only went a little bit out, for the most part.

Since I recently cleared off the table, Rhea decided to hang out with me on the patio rather than go off elsewhere, or try and climb out of the yard.  The wall makes a good background.

One of Rhea’s personality traits is that you can almost always distract her with a noise or a twig and she will follow it up for a long time without it becoming an obsession.  Once I even did it by accident.  There are still some vines growing down the base of the wall that I tugged on, generating a sound near her.  So she followed it up by working her way right inside a bush to the very center and then forward out again.

Someday she may not be as easy to distract and send off on adventures, which will be a shame.

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1 Response to Short Leash

  1. sunsetdragon says:

    Beautiful kitties and I hope the day never comes when Rhea wants to wander off of an adventure.


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