Rhea versus A/C

Davout decided he needed to go outside even though it was fairly late in the day.  The unit was running, which sent him back to the patio, but Rhea faced it head on.

She took this path while it was spinning the fan and making the air move.  Rhea made sure to move slowly and carefully not look at it while she passed by.

How about that fluff?

I finally scheduled Harrison’s dental for later in the week.  He has been feeling pretty good these last weeks and his teeth were in bad shape before.

I woke up this morning early-early and after I did Harrison came and lay down on my neck and shoulder until it was time to get up.  He’s done that a time or two, usually when he was feeling sick himself, but he wasn’t sick today.

So along with a wonky whisker, Davout has a wonky tooth just like his sister.

Rhea’s first world problem….

“I thought I was the only kitty with a wonky tooth…”

It was a good day for getting odd expressions from Rhea.

Davout looks thoughtful….

What I love about him is that no matter how fancy he gets dressed up, that wonky whisker just breaks the symmetry and makes him look approachable.


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6 Responses to Rhea versus A/C

  1. Love that wonky whisker! And wonky teeth too! How does your head not just explode every day from all the cute??

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  2. What a lovely bunch of kats!


  3. weggieboy says:

    One of my two cats had a wonky incisor that had to be removed to avoid erosion of the canine above it. Fortunately,k because his bottom incisors were fairly crowded, the removal of the tooth didn’t affect his appearance or ability to “comb” his fur. I was shocked how much it cost to remove, however! (Pretty much what you’d pay a human dentist for the same service….!) I hope little Harrison is about done with the tooth business. He doubtlessly will do much better once he doesn’t hurt because of teeth.


  4. Lurkertype says:

    Rhea’s cataloons are ridiculous.

    Aw, so sweet of Harrison this morning.


  5. sunsetdragon says:

    Look at that fluffy butt on Miss Rhea. Harrison sounds like he is becoming quite a snuggle bug. Such pretty kitties.

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