Tomorrow Awaits

Tomorrow morning Harrison goes in for his extractions, in a little bit I have to go hide all the cat food for everyone.  Harrison has been sleepy all evening but plays when he wakes up.

I admit to being a little nervous each time a cat goes in for these things, although they feel better afterwards.  Wish us luck!

The kittens got a little bit of outside time without much incident.  Rhea chewed on grass and walked around a bit.

Davout seemed to be thinking about treating these three or four foot palm fronds as grass and eating them.   I thought Rhea and her six inch pine needles was bad!

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8 Responses to Tomorrow Awaits

  1. sunsetdragon says:

    sending good vibes for the old man for tomorrows extractions.

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  2. Jo Woolf says:

    Wishing you and Harrison all the best! 🙂

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  3. Good luck Harrison! We hope you feel better after your appointment! and that you heal from it quickly!


  4. weggieboy says:

    Poor Harrison! No one likes to visit the dentist! Anyway, best wishes for this gentle soul, and may he recover without complications.

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  5. Andrea Kenner says:

    Purring for a good result.

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  6. It’s almost like having children! It’s always a worry when they have to go to the vet’s for a procedure, especially one where they have to be knocked out for awhile. Hope Harrison recovers quickly!

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  7. kimkiminy says:

    Sending good thoughts Harrison’s way.

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  8. Awwww – I hope Harrison will feel all better tomorrow! 💛


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