Center of Attention

Despite Harrison being less active, everyone (including me) are watching whatever he does very intently.  He ate a lot this evening, with a little prodding.  Sometimes he seems to think a plate isn’t for him if you don’t pick it up and put it down a time or two.  He has been coming out of his carrier a bit more than yesterday and looking around.

Still, his energy is a little low and he naps when he has to.  It is a lot like he was back in May in miniature.

I looked up to see Davout sitting in this odd posture.

Harrison did get in a little playing with the toys but ran down easily.

Mama Rhea keeps an eye on him from the top of the cat tree.



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1 Response to Center of Attention

  1. Lurkertype says:

    Love that nose in the carpet.


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