Soup is Good Food

Harrison is more active today, moving about more rather than sleeping in the crate.  In fact, I don’t think he’s been in the crate all day – he was over near a cat tree in a corner in the morning and has been in the center of the room most of the day.

He was slow about eating this morning, seeming to be bothered more by nasal congestion more than any tooth pain.  About lunch he ate a little, then seemed to get very interested in the soup I was eating for lunch.  It was some buffalo chicken flavored cream soup thing.  I turned him away a time or two then relented.  In the end he drank a lot of the creme broth, and later ate up the food put out for him.

That’s the first time I recall him having any interest in people food.

Rhea is having a low energy day herself.

I’ve been trying to bribe Davout to come up and visit on the bed in the evenings with treats. Last night he jumped up all on his own and got a lot of them, some even before Rhea knew anything was up.

He’s interested in toys too.

Rhea managed to lift one paw, but that’s all.

Sometime Harrison lets his tongue get away from him.  The vet and staff all thought it was due to the tooth extraction, but he’s done that before.  Sometimes it is just to get a clear airway if his nose is all stuffed up, so he did it a lot in May.  I haven’t seen a huge increase due to the extractions, and much of that is probably because his congestion is a bit worse.


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4 Responses to Soup is Good Food

  1. Lurkertype says:

    I have to breathe with my mouth open sometimes too, Harrison. Although I usually manage to keep my tongue in.

    Chicken soup! It’s good for what ails you, even when you’re a cat.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. pilch92 says:

    I love Harrison’s taco tongue 🙂 I hope he feels better soon.


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