Checkup for Harrison

Poor Davout was getting pretty interested in my dinner today, so I figured he was due for some treats.

Earlier, Harrison had a lunchtime date with the vets to get his medication patch removed and his extractions checked.  Everything looked to be healing up well, and he hasn’t seemed to be feeling bad after it was removed.

Did somebody say “Treats”?

Rhea decides to take matters into her own…mouth.

All right, that’s just silly.

Davout’s treats sent him into a true meditative state…meditating about how Rhea shoved him out of the way.

You might not know this, but Rhea can be pretty darn cute.

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5 Responses to Checkup for Harrison

  1. Ya know, Davout may have some pretty amazing whiskers, but Rhea has some fairly awesome ear furnishings herself! That tongue picture… too cute!
    So glad Harrison’s checkup went well!


  2. I love that photo of Rhea with her tongue out! What an amazing shot!


  3. Speedy recovery wishes to Harrison! Fabulous photos of your fur babies.

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  4. Lurkertype says:

    I can see how it would take a lot of treats to support all that fur. What kind are those?

    Rhea WERKS that cuteness to get away with things.

    I want to brush Harrison. Poor scrubbly-furred boy.


    • Oldcat says:

      It is the cleverly named “Chicken Breast Tenders” brand that I got at a cat wholesale specialty store. Whole Life brand treats is the same stuff and I’ve gotten that before, but they have different flavors.

      Harrison’s body hair is still pretty thin and basic. His cheek fur is nice and thick, but his tail hair is thin and flat and body hair still thin and growing in.


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