Mealtime and Playtime

Harrison had a good day eating today, so look for him to skip meals tomorrow.  But he did make a nice entrance.

He then sat down and waited for me to play with Davout using a wand toy.  Big Eyes!

Rhea can match that.  Anything he can do, she can do better!

Including a WONKY WHISKER!  Is nothing sacred??

Harrison shows off the cat loaf position…

And Rhea tries to top it….hey, cut that out!



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3 Responses to Mealtime and Playtime

  1. sunsetdragon says:

    Sweet kitties and love seeing there antics.

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  2. Rhea’s fluffy fur does a better job covering her paws! Love Harrison’s entrance! What a cutie

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  3. Lurkertype says:

    I think that first photo of Harrison would be more appropriately paired with Joe Jackson’s “Steppin’ Out”.

    “Stray Cat Strut” has a major fallacy in its first line. (“Black and orange stray cat” would NOT be a male, odds are!)

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