Mock the Dentist

Harrison had a last checkup of his dental extractions.  He got a really good report, everything is healed up nicely.

He still has his puzzling sneezing and soft poo that don’t seem to respond to the antibiotics used so far.  So we will try more subtle things since they only seem to bother him a little.

He got somewhat feisty this evening.

The camera strap was clearly in danger.

Rhea watched with interest.

Davout was pissed that the track toy was broken.

It can’t work with this shoe in front of it.



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5 Responses to Mock the Dentist

  1. Lurkertype says:

    Mr. Harrison! Looking good.

    What is he eating? Because my cat had soft poo as a kitten and a friend suggested a food allergy. Turns out he can’t digest corn. Maybe Mr. H needs an elimination diet, or probiotics, or pumpkin, or… An allergy could cause the sneezies too.

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    • Oldcat says:

      Allergies seems less likely because the house went having mostly open windows to A/C with a couple of air purity mods added without making a difference in the snuffles. He has mostly been eating Wellness, which doesn’t have corn. I’ve tried probiotics a little bit, and some fiber supplements. There wasn’t a quick effect, but also I was more interested in him eating a lot rather than sneaking in medications at the time.

      Now that his teeth are gone safely, there’s time for figuring out what effect fiber might have.


  2. sunsetdragon says:

    Ali has loves to have a towel or something overing the track that the ball runs on so it is like it is going through a little tunnel. Harrison is looking pretty good, and Captain Whiskers is a cutie and as always Rhea is a beautiful girl.

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  3. lol, ‘broken’ toy! Come on, Davout, you’re a big boy now, right? knock that thing off of there! (ok, big is relative, but you are grown, lol)
    Love Harrison’s cute little toothless yawn, he certainly seems to be doing well!


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