Front and Center

Davout has had a bit of a hard week.  He keeps wanting to go out back, but it has been too hot or too dark for a lot of that.  Today it has cooled down and I let them out front.

I’m not sure that leaf is good for him, it might be part of a lily.  He didn’t bite it.

Rhea didn’t jump at the sycamore tree, but she did stand up against it.  I got her on the way down.

Harrison has had one of his sleepy and not-hungry days.  With the door open I put him in his walking suit and lead just in case.  He did walk around a little but soon decided to go back inside.  He didn’t mind keeping the harness on until we all came in.

Davout is skeptical of all of this.

There’s a little rise on the patch of land this lawn is on, and every cat really likes the various ways to ‘hide’ on the back slope and watch things over the top.

The slope going down to the front entry has some nice bushes and cleared ground which puts it under cover from most directions.  I have a few pictures of Calpurnia moving around in this same area.

Rhea did set a record today, though.  She came in and jumped up onto this table on her own.  I’ve had cats sit there when I put them there, I’ve had cats jump up to the wall directly – Julie would do it from the front side, which is hard.  Rhea is the first to jump up onto the table and use it as a stand to watch things outside.

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2 Responses to Front and Center

  1. sunsetdragon says:

    Looks like a nice day out for the fur kids.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. weggieboy says:

    Looks like the kittens had a great day!


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