Strange Day

Harrison wasn’t eager for food this morning, and didn’t go crazy for soup either.  He did eat a little, and then at dinner time ate quite a bit of food.  So the soup might be helping him eat more regularly.  This would be good, as the foodless days drive me nuts.

There was a question about if Harrison is blind.  I think not, he seems to see fine.  I think his issues with food detection are a combination of his congestion in the nose keeping him from smelling stuff and just general weakness making him veg out from time to time.  If a noise makes him wake up, then he reacts to things.  Ironically, the rescuer who I adopted him wondered if he was deaf.  He did have a lot of crud in his ears, but he wasn’t deaf, just so weak that his sleeps were very deep and hard to rouse him from.

Rhea is a little miffed that I disturbed her playing with that snake toy.

Davout shows his nippers.

Davout had quite a hard day.  For the first time in quite a while I had a game on the television.  He avoided the noise by hiding under the bed upstairs all afternoon.  He’s a sensitive guy.

I never did put the furniture in Anna’s room back where it had been.  The old way made some wide spaces from the door to the back, and narrow spaces to cubbies for Anna to hide in.  The narrow spots led to her getting trapped there, and the wide opening led to her being nervous about invasions by kittens.

She’s still that way, but this narrow cap seems more defendable to her, and she can run around the other side of the sofa as there are gaps on all sides.

So when I came in after some petting she jumped down to wait for intruders.

There weren’t any, but that doesn’t keep her from expecting them at any moment.

Anna wonders what I am doing on top of the sofa…

She jumped up and swatted at my hand, I’m not sure how seriously.  Since she’s declawed in front, it is hard to tell.  She didn’t nip at it.

Rhea did come to the door, which was almost all closed with the pet gate closed, and got hissed at.  Anna then jumped up on the chair in a spot hidden from the door.

She seems to like this arrangement a little better.  It would still be good for her if she relaxed more with Rhea like Harrison does.  Anna seems to trigger the bully mode Rhea has with her hissing and running.  Hissing and not running, or not hissing would both probably work better.

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9 Responses to Strange Day

  1. Lurkertype says:

    Poor Anna. I wonder if medicine would help her? Or just more time with Harrison.

    Soup! Give Harrison all the soup he wants! Between the congestion and the fact that he has no nose/snout anyway, of course he can’t smell.

    Davout is just very worried about the concussion thing.


    • Oldcat says:

      Anna is fine with the status quo of her having her own room. The kittens hardly bother her if I’m not in there even with the solid door open and don’t cross the gate. I have thought about getting some valium for her next time she has a checkup. It doesn’t seem like an emergency since she is fine unless I am trying to force her to mix with Rhea. I have tried one of the mystical ‘essence’ drops and saw no effect. Since it is just water, this is hardly a shock.


  2. Delaney says:

    I am happy that the soup seems to be helping Harrison. He seems like such a sweet fellow. Davout does as well, and it doesn’t surprise me that he disdains the clamor of the game. I see Anna as a type of queen bee, a bit of a busy body, while Anna is the grand old dame just wanting some peace and quiet with the kids off of her lawn. They are a wonderful group.


  3. Davout is almost, but not quite, the Fizzgig that Calpurnia was.
    Anna has such a sweet pretty face, it’s so hard to believe she’s such a hissy thing! Rhea must bring it out in her

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  4. Anne Daigle says:

    Anna has the perfect cat face. As I said, it took 5 years for my cat to not be afraid of my son’s cat whom we had to take in when he moved to an apartment.


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