Busy Bee Day

Today was full of lots of little things.  I was a little worried because Harrison came up and slept on the bed with me all night, which usually is a sign he isn’t feeling well more than the reverse.  He was uninterested in breakfast too, which isn’t uncommon.

When I got home I let the kittens out even though it was cloudy and looked like rain. The kittens went in to get their grass eating done.  A nice thing about the fear of the A/C is that Rhea hasn’t seemed interested in jumping the wall, even though she isn’t scared of it.

I bought some new catnip toys, which did not go over too great.  So far none of the cats seem too entranced with the catnip.  Rhea showed a little sign with this blue one.

Davout got his lysine treats which do seem to reduce the crust in his eye.

After work Harrison was hungry and got two meals and maybe a little extra too.

I went in and checked up on Anna, and she was very affectionate although she did get more anxious about encroaching kittens as time went on.   This is what she does if I pick up the brush, she turns and stands tall rubbing the window while I brush her back and sides.  Sweet kitty.

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2 Responses to Busy Bee Day

  1. Oh all your kitties are so sweet and special! 😺


  2. Lurkertype says:

    Anna’s your hermit kitty.

    I’m glad Harrison looks to you for comfort instead of hiding. Good boy.


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