Backyard Visit

Morning Expedition

Davout and Rhea got an outside visit in the morning today.  With the A/C off, Davout plucked up the courage to go to his favorite place in the yard.

Rhea Out Back

Rhea went out even farther to nearly the very end.

Harrison Dusted

Harrison has been in fine feather.  His appetite is good, he hasn’t been taking meals off.  A day or so ago I took one of the nicer cat beds (not the above one) and put it in the kitchen. He has been spending time resting by the stove between sessions of eating a meal, or waiting for the next one.  I put a bed close by there but not quite in traffic and he has already stared using it.

The one he’s in now is Gus’ old favorite.

Marshal D

Less drama today when playing.  Davout makes a good puffy loaf.

Paw Up

One Paw Up.

Rhea Face

Rhea is the doll baby of the house.


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One Response to Backyard Visit

  1. Lurkertype says:

    Davout is a tribble.

    Glad to hear Harrison is eating regularly. Seems fitting that he gets Mr. Gus’ favorite bed.


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