This might set the record for the most pictures in a post.  I’m not sure how I can determine that without looking through them all.  The two kittens were downstairs with me while Harrison napped in his kitchen bed.  He’s almost hungry enough to eat some more and doesn’t want to miss out.  Rhea was sitting on this book on the endtable, which was one of Julie’s favorite spots.

There was a comment recently about Davout being easily spooked.  This is true.  Most of the evening he was dashing hither and yon when I got up to refill a glass of water and he was sure I was going to pick him up.  Just before this he was stalking this luggage bag as if it were an unexploded bomb.

I pulled it out of Anna’s room so that I could try and get some of her fur off of it.  I had done a lot of it earlier in the week but then put it aside there.  He’d been moving past it all night but now….after he got close enough to the bag to give an all clear, he then stalked past it all the way into the corner behind.  All this fuss caught Rhea’s notice.

But she isn’t afraid of this bag, either despite or because of it smelling like Anna.  She took a nap on it.

Davout didn’t have any plans of his own, so I decided to do some enrichment for everyone by taking some treats up to Anna’s room, sure that at least Davout and Rhea would follow. I figured I could keep Rhea from anything truly shocking.

Davout got the idea so quickly he was right behind me going upstairs.

Rhea was soon to follow.

Anna gave a growl when she saw Rhea poke her head around the sofa and went for high ground.

And this is why Anna reacts.  Rhea keeps giving her these stares.

Anna got her share, and even ate a few.

Especially when Rhea quit staring at her.  Note Davout licking his lips.

There was also a question about Davout having a crush on Anna.  I don’t know about that, but when I go in he will creep as close as he can and then sit still and watch her.  He certainly is interested in her, at least when I’m there to act as buffer.

Anna will lie down but she’s always watching the ends of the sofa in case someone starts creeping too close, which will result in a growl or hiss.

Rhea then took a tour of Anna’s favorite sleeping spots and sat in them.  First was inside the closet on the floor.

At one point Anna looked over to Davout’s side and hissed…just as Rhea came out from behind him.  He ducked behind the sofa, Rhea pretended she hadn’t heard.

Then she tried the other side and got another hiss.

So Rhea decided to kill two birds with one stone.  She ducked into Anna’s favorite cubby, where she sleeps most afternoons, and hid behind this lampstand.  She’s out of Anna’s sight now.

Anna’s still keeping her eye out for any action.


Did it do any good?  Well, at a minimum it got Anna some company for a while rather than being isolated from everyone.  I’ve been dragging Rhea in as often as I can and I think it is helping reduce her fascination with that room and Anna.  She is a bit more interested in sniffing the corners rather than in charging Anna in retaliation for one of her hisses.

And they all did seem to like the treats.

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9 Responses to extravaganza

  1. Jo Woolf says:

    Lovely pics! I love the idea of Anna and Davout, with a disapproving ‘sister’ – very Pride and Prejudice!


  2. weggieboy says:

    Lots of drama! It sounds like a workable plan, and I wish you, Anna, and Rhea a successful detente, maybe even kitty friendship!


  3. Lurkertype says:

    Is there a way to get Davout into Anna’s room without also having Rhea in sight?

    Maybe just have Harrison hang out in Anna’s room?

    Rhea is so obvious, making sure to put her scent wherever Anna’s been. Naughty girl.


  4. MOL!😸 Oh I just love your kittie’s drama! They’re all so PURRECIOUS!


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