Bird is the Word

Browsing the web today I ran into a link to a video for cats.  Davout was interested almost at once.

What seemed to strike him was the sound coming out the back not matching the picture from the front.

A time or two he got up to peer over the back and behind to where the sound was.

Pretty fun.

Harrison took yesterday off from eating, but had some food starting about midnight until now.  He was frisky between meals, batting around some cat toys and such.  His eyes seem less goopy, and he seems to have his stuffed nose clearing up a lot.


Just before this Rhea came up next to him on the side, then sort of pushed her head near his.  It wasn’t threatening, but was inside his personal space.

So like he’s done a time or four, he raised a paw like this and swiped at her.  She flinched back and at once jumped up onto a low stool to get some distance and some height.  It is funny how cowed she is by Harrison while being super aggressive to Anna with her violent hissing and yowling.

I distracted him with the camera strap to give him some action besides bullying little Rhea.

Rhea sulked up there for a little while.


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3 Responses to Bird is the Word

  1. Cats are masters at the art of sulking 🙂


  2. weggieboy says:

    Aw! Harrison has the benefit of the wisom of age! I suspect Rhea could whup him in no time if it were just a matter of physical ability, but Harrison knows how to make his point with the least effort and danger to both parties, yet get the result he wants: Clever gentlecat! I can tell from Davout’s whiskers he’s into that video. LOL!


  3. Lurkertype says:

    Love that paw swipe. He’ll only take so much from that little whippersnapper Rhea.

    Davout’s whiskers look very interested in the video and sound.

    Harrison is looking much better compared to his original appearance. Maybe occasional fasting is part of his spiritual practice.


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