Half a Bath

Rhea had a little embarrassing trouble today as a chunk of poo got stuck in her fur down next to the skin.  When these happen she has picked up a nice habit of coming and showing me so that I can do something.

This time she needed an actual rinse of the back end to wash it away.  She sure wasn’t happy and complained, and wriggled but nicely refrained from scratching and biting.

I had the bath door closed for all this in case she got away from me, and Davout was very worried.  When she came out and after I mostly dried her off, he came over and went nose to nose to see if she was OK.

She dried off fairly quickly compared to some other cats I’ve had to bathe.

Afterward I tried to cheer Davout up by playing with him using a wand toy.

Time for a little tidying up break.

What choo lookin’ at Willis??

….and back to cleaning.

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1 Response to Half a Bath

  1. weggieboy says:

    Ow! The Poo Bath! You are fortunate that Rhea has the good kitty sense to let you know she needs some assistance. When this used to happen to my Persian Dougy, he’d do the old butt drag on the carpet thing. O(f course, that alerted me to his problem, but…! His groomer does an excellent job with hygienic trims every two months, so the problem went away.


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