Date with Anna

Davout was a bit slow and I managed to get hold of him and take him upstairs for a little visit with Anna.  When we came in Anna was lying on the floor.  She gave a little hiss and jumped up to her shelf.  Davout was a little scared and sat on the sofa until I brought him down and scratched his back to relax him.

I “encouraged” Davout to get a little too close but Anna didn’t hiss again, just a little high pitched grumble sound.

On one of the times Harrison came in he sat in that top shelf nook on the right when Anna was just above him.  She didn’t know what to think about that.

But with the complaint Davout backs off like a little gentleman.

He then poked around a little bit while Anna watched him.

She didn’t have her glare going or her ears folded down once he gave her a little distance.

I took the red cord and started to play with Davout.  She grumbled the first time, but when I gave her some turns she seemed all right with it.  Davout was reluctant to come closer.

Anna would trap the cord, but she kept her eyes on Davout.  Just. In. Case.

I put down some treats for both of them.  Davout would pick them up and use a paw to keep from dropping them from his mouth.

She didn’t mind that at first.

As Davout moved closer to get the rest of the treats, Anna got a little more upset.  Davout noticed somehow and started to pull the treats closer with a paw before eating.

This is the “a little worried.”  look.

When Davout was all done, he moved way back to stop bothering Anna.  He’s a nice boy.

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2 Responses to Date with Anna

  1. He is a very sweet boy! And oh my gosh! Look at his fuzzy buns! lol as it’s ‘Tocktober, everyone is posting their cats tocks, so I’m seeing them everywhere, but Davout has the cutest fuzziest ones today!

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