Idle Time

Surprised Girl Rhea

What’s got Rhea worked up?

Rainbow Slayer

Magical Rainbows!!!!!’

Lets kill it.

That’s very Rhea.

Sleepy Boy

Harrison was chowing down all evening and meowing.  His meow is a lot less of a croak than before.

Skeptical Girl

Rhea has been being very cute with Harrison.  When he is napping on my lap, or near me in bed she will come poking around and slowly walk near us.  She won’t stop and sit herself but she likes watching him sit.



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4 Responses to Idle Time

  1. Rhea has that rainbow by the business end and I don’t think she’s gonna let go!
    I wonder if she wants to be Harrison’s snuggle buddy and doesn’t know how to go about it.


  2. pilch92 says:

    Be nice to the rainbow or it won’t show you where the pot of gold is hiding.


  3. Lurkertype says:

    Everyone likes to watch Harrison, I guess!


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