Morning And Evening

I usually wait until evening to take the daily pictures for the blog.  But this morning as I was heading off to work Harrison had jumped up to one of the windows and was toying -with one of the blind-cords.

He also made this funny face at me right after that.

I had to do a bit of knot trimming on him, right by his ears.  He put up with it fairly well.

Then one of the toys being waved around came to his notice.

He did that thing where he tried to carry away the end of the toy, and tugged at it for a bit.

Finally he relaxes with his trophy snake-worm-thing.

But he’s ready if some rapscallion would try and take it away.


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2 Responses to Morning And Evening

  1. sunsetdragon says:

    Love those wild whiskers. Old man Harridon is looking good. I had to trim Alis spits today and she wa snot one bit impressed with the whole thing.

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  2. Love those kitties!!😺

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