Snake Wars

I had some make-up to do with Davout. Earlier today I was watching Youtube Videos while Harrison was napping.  One was a video of a mother cat who was getting vocal while a person tried to socialize her hissy kittens.  It was loud, and Davout came edging forward trying to see if there was a cat around he didn’t know about.

So I brought out the snake wand toy for him to play with.

When he catches it, he often picks it up and runs off with it.

When it was Rhea’s turn, she increased the degree of difficulty by only using one paw and not getting out of her egg crate.

Oops!  Dropped it.

Other than that it has been a quiet evening.  Harrison wasn’t hungry, but it has been a few days since he skipped food entirely and he has been eating quite a bit in the interim.  So nothing to worry about.  Until the toy came out Rhea was off under a table napping.

A pair of nice pictures during the process…

Nobody puts Davout in the corner!…He goes there on his own.


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One Response to Snake Wars

  1. sunsetdragon says:

    Pretty kitties.


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