Wand Toy

I had the garage door open for much of the day while I did laundry.  This meant cats were scarce on the ground at photo time so I played with Davout using a feathered wand toy.  I soon got him to follow it with his eyes.

Although there wasn’t much noise it was enough to draw Rhea forward.

She casually brushed Davout aside to hog the toy, only to run into an immovable Harrison obstacle.

When she backed off, Harrison was left to play on his own.  He tends to like playing with things at ground level rather than up in the air.

I just put the toy down there and he batted at it for some time, even dancing about to get it from behind.  He’s a good fellow.



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4 Responses to Wand Toy

  1. Delaney says:

    Harrison seems to finally be gaining a little solidity to him. I love that he doesn’t let Rhea bother him.

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  2. Lurkertype says:

    Gosh, at a quick glance I thought that was Davout till I realized the face was flatter and the fur’s too short. Mr. Harrison is finally gaining weight!

    (Actual thought process: “Kittens! No? Fur? Nose? Harrison?”)

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  3. Harrison appears to be giving you a raspberry 😛


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