Grab Bag

Today was a mix of lots of little incidents.  In the morning I let the cats out back for a bit of grass eating.  Harrison was snoozing and didn’t go out.  Davout was spooked by me as much as the camera and ran back inside.

The rain was especially hard on the ornamental grass – it looked all crushed down by the weight of the water.

She’s a cutie.

For most of rest of the morning Davout hung out on the balcony watching me.  When Rhea joined him I had to get a shot of it…but the camera made him back out of the railing.

Harrison had gone upstairs too earlier and jumped up onto my bed for a nap.

I went up in the evening to take some pictures of Anna.  I’ve been disturbing her a little by dragging one of the boys into her room in the last days.  First it was Davout, who was a little worried even though she didn’t hiss at him.  After a bit he jumped down and even ate some of her dry food and Anna didn’t seem to mind at all.

This morning I brought in Harrison who was not fazed by Anna either.  Again, she was pretty good about it.

In this shot she is peering out into the hall.  I know Davout was visible there, and Rhea might have been hiding out there too.

I started playing with her and she did her patented smacky paw attack on the red cord when she was down here.  She would play up on the shelf, then get flustered and jump down, then smack down there some, then jump back up.

Harrison was sleepy early but hungry in the evening.  He gets a little more vocal than before when asking for food.  His voice is gaining a little musical Hmmmrrr note before turning into a creaky meow.

Here he is asking for a second or third dinner.

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4 Responses to Grab Bag

  1. sunsetdragon says:

    Look at those eyes in the second photo of Rhea.
    Devout and Rhea are such pretty kitties in the photo of them on the balcony.
    That Anna is such a pretty girl. Old man Harrison owns my heart.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. weggieboy says:

    That’s a beautiful portrait of Rhea in the 2nd photo! I get a kick out of knowing Harrison is a (pardon the expression, kitties…!) “chow hound”! He seems too little to pack down so many meals a day, but I guess that’s a really good sign considering where he was in terms of health when you first adopted him!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Harrison is looking very cute and healthy these days! And as always, wonderful photos of your beautiful cat clan.


  4. That is a whole bunch of great pictures today! Every one of those kitties is gorgeous and your photos really show them off!


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