Harrison was sluggish today.  He’s often that way in the morning, but he was sleeping on the bed in the evening and not interested in food.  He had a bit of a sniffle too.  There was a bit of goop in the eye, but not much tearing up.  The lysine seems to help that.

Rhea is noticing that Harrison is hanging out on my bed more and more so she has to be careful to look before she jumps up.

It took a while but finally Harrison got hungry and ate both his food, and the leftovers from the kitten.  He even stood on the plate for the latter, so he got his meals in for the day at the last minute, almost.

Davout prefers to paw for the toy from behind cover.

The kittens were content to watch the toy as much as go for it.

Davout especially tends to watch and think it over a few times before committing himself.

Harrison kept licking at his lips after second dinner and thus made funny faces.

Shocked Rhea

Once you have the toy, then you watch Harrison lick his lips and wonder if you are missing out.

Rhea mostly, and sometimes Davout will carefully watch me give Harrison his extra meals but neither of them eats a bite of it.  I think that’s nice of them, even though I’ve told them they could have some if they wanted, as long as they don’t shove him away.  They both will just watch, even if they haven’t had any food at all.

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2 Responses to Snuffles

  1. kimkiminy says:

    That’s so nice! If only Rhea could be so considerate of Anna.


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