Fluff Overload

Today’s play session was cut short a lot.  I had brought out the “Da Bird” because the other toy has almost no feathers left.  A lot of playtime was before I brought the camera out, and they did a lot of the “drag the end away bending the pole into a U shape.

Davout lost his caution during the play and I got hold of him for the first time in a while.  I felt some pretty big mats that after a little thought decided had to come out.

So I grabbed him again and brought out the clippers.  Davout is much more scared of the clippers than Rhea, and is super wriggly.  He doesn’t scratch, but hisses his soft hiss a lot. The big wriggles do make me afraid I will nip a part I don’t want to.

I think I got most of the bad ones, but he’s pretty shaggy overall.  He probably needs a real overall trim by professionals.  He’s looking vaguely yak-like in places.

He was pretty disturbed afterward but a few minutes chill-down and some dehydrated chicken treats got him back in his usual mood.  But I decided to not take more pictures today.


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3 Responses to Fluff Overload

  1. Jo Woolf says:

    I’m struggling with the idea of the heavenly Davout being anywhere near ‘yak-like’. 🙂 Love those whiskers – that second pic is almost surreal!


  2. weggieboy says:

    When I had to make the decision about professional trimming or my botched efforts with my two Persians, I settled on a teddy bear cut. They still have that Persian look, but the hair is more manageable till the next trim. The first time I got them trimmed, I went for the lion cut, and they looked, well, bizarre! Regardless, finding a good groomer is like finding a good veterinarian. The ones I go to (both professions) are people who speciualize in small animals. Thought the groomer is primarily a dog groomer, she likes my kitties, does a fine job with them, and the “boys” seem to enjoy their spa days. (At least, they behave well while there, which is all I hope for since they have a policy of refusing service to naughty or aggressive pets!)


    • Oldcat says:

      Gus had a lion cut or two – he used to be the top image for “shaved tuxedo cat” on Google. These were done by the vet. Calpurnia had a few haircuts that were more of the teddy bear kind and were done by a couple of different groomers. The vet offers a bit more grooming options so I might see if they can do what Davout needs – dematting, trimming the underside close and some off the front and side so you can see under his legs and he can lick himself without getting a mouthful of fur. The vet actually has a spa day offer – not for cuts but bath and comb and toothbrushings


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