Last Straw

Harrison has been super sleepy today and hasn’t eaten much.  He seems all right otherwise, just sleeping things off.  He’s decided that for serious nappage he will walk all the way upstairs and sleep on my bed rather than find a cubby somewhere.

Since everyone was off in a corner napping and being unphotogenic I brought out some of the reserve wand toys I have.  These aren’t the boring ones that Rhea drags around the house, but ones that have been off in a closet for a long time.

This is my oldest one – its probably thirty years old and I have no idea if the company even exists anymore.  Its a fiberglass pole with thick line, which used to hold a bit of denim.  The denim was torn apart years ago.

I tried another swatch, but it never seemed to work well.  At some point I tied a straw to the end of the line which works great.  It makes skittery sounds on hardwood, moves strangely when smacked in the air, has nice biting surfaces.

Rhea likes it so much she tried to carry it off several times.

Davout goes full Grizzly Bear.

It is time for some crazy whiskers…

I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a cat to look back over its back like this for long.

Look at the snarling teeth.

After a while I brought out the Da Bird toy, which made them a little bit crazy.  Davout finally grabbed it and dragged it into the kitchen, then around the central support in a big circle back into the living room.

He was strutting so proudly dragging the stick, which his head high and his tail straight up in the air, and Rhea paraded right after him.  Too much action for any nice photos, though.

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4 Responses to Last Straw

  1. weggieboy says:

    LOL! Da Bird toy is a favorite here, too! They get bored with all toys after a time, but this is one toy that seems perpetually popular with my cats.


  2. kimkiminy says:

    Great photos today! Loved 2 and 3 especially.


  3. quirkyartist says:

    I have one of those toys with the bit of denim. If it is the same, it was one man making them. I came across the instructions of how to repair it when I went through my concertina file last week. A friend who was living in Canada sent it to me, but it was from the USA.


  4. Lurkertype says:

    I love the proud strut. So cute.

    I’m with Harrison — serious sleep is best in beds.


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